What Does TALI mean?

String. These Swimsuits are recycled from Ocean waste.  String is the idea that there is one thread or bond that connects us all.  The earth. And the swimsuits are made in BALI.

TALI is the word for string in the Indonesian language of Bahasa.  Honestly I thought about starting a different fashion line. I worked at Vogue and Edited the swimwear each season. I felt there was a hole in the market for swimwear. But I was always looking for a velvet fabric that could be used as a bikini.  So after weeks of searching I stumbled across a beautiful little company in BALI which used this fabric that was recycled from Ocean Waste (think fishing lines, fishing nets, plastic bottles and plastic bags.)  This fabric was velvet and made in Italy from recycled Ocean Waste!  This is a fairy tale for a Fashion Editor. Not only does Italy make some of the worlds most important and exquisite fabrics - but a company that incorporates one of the most challenging environmental challenges of our day.. plastic waste - in the Ocean?  I was inspired to say the least. 

So I ordered swatches of the fabric and tested it.  Did it dry? Was it colorfast? Did it seem like I was wearing plastic? Was it soft? Did it feel super synthetic and gross? 

The colors were incredibly luxurious.  The fabric was genius. It dried better then most of the swimwear I owned (think like a peach,  the water beads off a bit)... I wore it in the hot tub and it did not lose any of the color rich value.

Next ... I discovered the Role Foundation- a company that collects the Ocean Waste and creates pieces that can be made into fabric.  I wanted to know if there were micro-plastics that wreaked even worse havoc In the making of the fabric then the big plastics floating around in the first place. I discovered that this Italian Company captured all micro-plastics and repurposed them as well.  

All in all, I wanted the bikinis to look good, feel good and be simple and timeless.  Hence TALIswim was born.  The first round of velvet bikinis sold out.  I'm currently  ordering new ones.  And now we have this gorgeous crinkle fabric... also fabric made from Ocean Waste.  For now,  Please enjoy this site and come back to the blog for my latest tid-bits on Fashion, The Environment, Fabrics, Style and The Endless Summer of Bikinis!  Please find the links for this Blog Post Below. The One String that connects us all is Quality of Life On This Planet. 

Love as always,


Founder TALIswim.